How to make a handmade macrame bracelet

Macrame bracelet with shell and colorful balls of the Canarian flag
Macrame bracelet with shell and colorful balls of the Canarian flag

Below you will see the necessary materials, steps to thread the beads in the thread, two tutorial videos, and the final result of a macrame bracelet handmade by

Materials required;

  • Macrame yarn
  • Beads
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Fishing thread
  • Tweezers to tighten the yarn
Materials needed to make a handmade macrame bracelet

Steps to thread a bead into the thread

We show you below some photos as an example, for when the bead does not enter the thread directly, because of the thickest of the thread;

  • Fold the fishing line in half
  • Tuck the bead through the two ends of the fishing line
  • Put the macrame thread with the bead inside, in the half that’s left over by bending the fishing thread
  • Pull the two ends of the fishing thread, and in this way the bead is inserted into the macrame thread

Tutorial videos on how to make a handmade macrame bracelet

Part One

The first video shows how to make the first half of the bracelet. The other half is done exactly like the first half.

First part of how to make a handmade macrame bracelet by DIY

Part Two

The second video teaches you how to add the fastener threads with beads, to wrap the bracelet to the wrist of the hand. It also shows how to top off the stoppers of the threads that are loose with a lighter.

Part two of how to make a handmade macrame bracelet by DIY

Final result

Now you can see the final result in the following photos. Change the beads, change the color of the thread, and try different combinations. Use the power of your Imagination! 🤭

And if you don’t dare to do it on your own, then look at the bracelets that we have at your disposal in the following link. You can also order them customized;

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Green “mojo” (sauce) from the Canary Islands or “Mojo de Cilantro”


How green sauce or coriander mojo is made from the Canary Islands

Just mix and crush all the ingredients, and test with different amounts of each of the ingredients until you find the taste you like the most.

You can put it on the table to accompany wrinkled potatoes (Canary Island´s potatoes stewed with salt), sweet potatoes, stewed bananas (green Canary Island´s bananas stewed with salt), salted fish, kneaded gofio (with water and salt), ribs, etc. At home we even use it to season other dishes such as brown rice with vegetables, or pout or “sancocho” (vegetable stew with legumes).

I like to make this green sauce with the leaves of a bunch of coriander, one part of wine vinegar for every ten parts of oil, one teaspoon of ground cumin, four garlic cloves, one pinch of sea salt, and another pinch of pepper. I also crush it well, until I see that the sauce has a fine texture.

I confess that sometime for lack of time to clear the bunch, I’ve crushed the coriander with stem included, then strained it, and at the end it is more or less the same.

The minimum ingredients needed are (if organic ones then better for your health);

  • coriander leaves
  • wine vinegar
  • ground cumin
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • garlic cloves
  • sea salt

Below you can see the result;

Green Mojo or Green Coriander sauce with Kneaded Gofio by
Green Mojo or Green Coriander sauce with Sweet Kneaded Gofio by

Enjoy it!. And don’t forget the wine.

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Chestnuts and wine by San Andrés

Chestnut hedgehog by
Chestnut hedgehog by

Early November

It all starts when we go looking for the first chestnuts. You start to imagine the roast chestnuts, the wine, and St. Andrew’s Day.

We went to havest chestnuts in October this year, but they were white.

So we had to wait until November, with the arrival of the rains, for them to mature.

Tradition of the Canary Islands on St Andrew’s Day

On St. Andrew’s Day, November 30th., or rather on the eve of that day, November 29th. at night, since I remember, the children ran the “cacharros” down the neighborhood street, and adults would drink new wine while cutting chestnuts (thus the chestnuts wouldn’t explode in the heat).

In some villages such as Icod, Tenerife, they have a habit of “running the boards” that night. Children and adults throw themselves on a wooden board, individually or several at once, going down ramps that end up with a wall of tires to finish braking 🤭

The Cacharros

The cacharros are containers, especially cans, which are tied to a rope or fixed to a wire, crawling on the floor to make as much noise as possible. When I was little I was told that the tradition comes from when the barrels were dragged down the street to the cellars and the Guachinches. Others say that they took them to the sea days earlier to wash the barrels. Anyway, it’s a lot of fun for kids, but also for older people. I’ve seen old washing machines crawl down the street by two adults 😊

Cacharros after being dragged the night before St. Andrew's Day by
Cacharros after being dragged the night before St. Andrew’s Day by

The new wine

New wine is the wine resulting from the last harvest. Which is the one that was deposited inside the barrels that supposedly rolled later down the streets.

Before the meal was prepared, the wine accompanied it with “chochos” (lupins), “manises” (peanuts), or the like. And for dinner; roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, mojos, and salted fish, among other delicacies. And with the whole family.

If you have the opportunity to come to the Canary Islands on those dates, we invite you to enjoy this custom. You will not forget the smell and taste of roasted chestnuts, nor the taste of new wine, nor the noise of the “cacharros” 😂

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

HP Portable Keyboard Doesn’t Work Since I Installed Windows 10

Why do we write this article?

Because it happened to us in one of our terminals. On Friday the laptop keyboard was working, and on Monday it stopped working. Good thing we were able to do a voice search on Google, and that we came across information to activate the keyboard on the screen (*), which helped us search for information on the internet.

We read information, watched videos, and tried various tricks and tips (for example; Fn + F6 function key, disable filter keys, etc.), but none worked. So we took it to the computer store. Programmed obsolescence?.

After 2 days the computer store called us, and they told us that the keyboard is broken, that the new one takes 15 days to arrive, and that it costs 45 euros. The alternative?, buy a portable keyboard with USB from 6 euros.

(*) Click the home button, then click “Windows Accessibility”, and then “On-Screen Keyboard”. A keyboard will appear on our screen. Finally, you have to click inside of the field where you are going to type, and then with the mouse type the letters on the screen keyboard,

If they are not typed, then put the screen keyboard in front of the page where you want to type, which will be behind it, click back into the field where you want to type, and click on the letters on the screen keyboard.

Solution to activate HP Laptop Keyboard with Windows 10

Convinced that the keyboard was not broken, and trying not to contribute to throwing more electronic garbage into the world, nor to incentivize the unnecessary consumption of electronic products, we looked for information again, but this time testing different combinations of keywords, for example; Windows 10, HP keyboard, HP keyboard and windows 10, etc. until we typed the phrase shown in the title of this post.

Of all the articles we read, we recommend the following, because thanks to this one, running option number 6, we solve the problem:

In short, it’s about updating the laptop’s hidden keyboard driver while connected to the internet, and then restarting your computer. No more, no less.

We hope we’ve saved you some time, and we’re confident it’ll help.

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

Homemade bread with Organic Spelt Integral Raisins

Sliced homemade organic whole-grain spelt bread with raisins
Sliced homemade organic whole-grain spelt bread with raisins

Since I keep making bread, a few weeks ago I had to make a different recipe, because I didn’t have butter or dehydrated yeast. I didn’t have nuts or sunflower seeds either, so I looked for a raisin bread recipe, and I adapted it to my taste and to the ingredients I had. And since I didn’t have much time, I reduced few steps.

I tell you now how to make this bread that came out delicious; list of ingredients and steps. If you want to watch a video of the steps of another bread recipe, then visit our YouTube channel, or click the link at the end.

Ingredients of an Organic wholemeal spelt homemade bread with raisins
Ingredients of an Organic wholemeal spelt homemade bread with raisins

We need the following INGREDIENTS :

  • 500 grams of wholemeal spelt flour
  • 340 milliliters of water
  • 3 tablespoons of high oleic or “soft” olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (the World Health Organization recommends not to exceed the daily intake of 5 grams of salt, and watch out with binders containing some salt brands)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 100 grams of raisins (make sure the tails are removed from the raisins)
  • 25 grams of fresh yeast to make bread
  • Grain anise and cinnamon

And if all this is organic, then better for our health.

STEPS to follow :

1- crumble and mix fresh dry yeast with flour, anise and cinnamon

Flour mixed dry with fresh yeast, cinnamon and grain anise
Flour mixed dry with fresh yeast, cinnamon and grain anise

And separately mix the rest of the soluble ingredients with cold water (oil, honey, and salt)

2- Gradually add the resulting liquid to the flour, and add the raisins while mixing and kneading, keep kneading (the spelt does not need more than 3 min.), cover it with a cloth, and let it stand for 1 hour, ideally inside of the oven only with the light on

Mass after the first kneading
Mass after the first kneading

3- Remove from the oven, and we should observe that the first fermentation lifted the dough.

Mass after the first fermentation
Mass after the first fermentation

4- Then knead another 3 min., this time softer, cover it with a cloth, and let it stand 35-40 min.

Mass after the second kneading
Mass after the second kneading

5- we will observe that the second fermentation lifted the dough again. Now, remove a tray from the oven, and preheat the oven to 210 degree Celsius.

Mass after the second fermentation
Mass after the second fermentation

6- Cover the tray with baking paper (nothing else), and fold the paper so that it does not stand out from the tray

7- Prepare a fountain to place on the bottom of the oven with 1 glass of water, to evaporate and prevent hardening of the bark

8- with a dessert spatula scratching around the edges, gradually overturn the dough in the tray, preventing the volume from breaking. And you don’t have to make cuts on it, because it’s not a compact mass

Mass on top of baking paper for the oven
Mass on top of baking paper for the oven

9- Put aluminum foil above the dough, without bending, as a shield to prevent the bark from burning

10- Put the fountain in the oven, on top of the dough, and bake for 50 minutes at 190 degree Celsius

11- Remove from the oven, and put on a rack for 30 min., so that it loses moisture

Homemade organic whole-grain spelt bread with raisins fresh from the oven and on the rack
Homemade organic whole-grain spelt bread with raisins fresh from the oven and on the rack

Ideally, we have small uniform gaps between the crumbs. This would mean that the whole bread has been cooked well, and to the touch it will be fluffy when squeezed.

Homemade bread with organic wholemeal spelt with raisins after having spent half an hour on the rack
Homemade bread with organic wholemeal spelt with raisins after having spent half an hour on the rack

This recipe I made it today for the third time, I added 50 grams of sunflower pipes, reduced to 2 tablespoons of oil, and it also went well.

Enjoy it! , and when you’re done, don’t forget to wrap it with a cloth.

And try this bread with Canary Islands different tasty cheeses.

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We all have the right to surf the internet

From the beginning of this website, I tried to make it accessible to everyone, but to my unpleasant surprise it is not so easy. On the one hand, I have not found software that adapts to several disabilities at once, and on the other hand, I have not obtained help to adapt the web to both visual and auditory disabilities, even asking one of the organizations most involved in Spain in the integration of all groups in society.

Besides, I do not understand how it is not mandatory by law, the fact that all websites are adapted at least to visual impairment. I also regret that internet service is not free and accessible to everyone. This continues to create inequalities in today’s society.

On this website you can use software to make it a little more accessible to visual, auditory, impairment. Here’s how to do it, although the web listening part doesn’t work on mobile.

To better see the web

On the one hand, you have two icons on the left of your screen. One circular black and white to change the contrast color, and another with the letter T in lowercase and uppercase to increase the font size, as shown in the following screenshots. You can use both functions at once.

Contrast icons and font size
Contrast color change icon
Icon change font size

To listen to the web

On the other hand, even if it only works on the PC, you can listen to the content of this website, first highlighting the content you want to hear, and then clicking on the speaker icon, as shown in the screenshot below;

Icon to listen to the content after underlining it

If you know other ways to make this website more accessible, please write in the comments, or please send an email to Thank you very much in advance.

Other options for listening to the internet

And I’m sure you already know, but just in case I leave a couple of visual impairment help links:

To access YouTube content;

To listen to the internet with nvaccess screen reader

On mobiles; settings/accessibility/tallback

On iPads; settings/accessibility/voiceover

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

Stress and cortisol

Photo by ramzi hashisho from FreeImages
Photo by ramzi hashisho from FreeImages

Since in the previous post we talked about taking care of body health, now let’s talk about taking care of mental health. We all know how to be happy, and since childhood we have been told that in life we must be happy, but the truth is that depending on what our life is like, we are not often happy for one reason or another. It is clear that it also depends on where we were born, how we have been educated inside and outside home, on the opportunities that life has given us, etc.

Life is simple, but we complicate it. We need little; feel useful with a job, relate to others, and have enough money to meet our basic needs (food, water, some clothes, and a place to live).

I recently watched a comedy film about happiness, and it was enough for me to remember how little we need to be happy (it’s titled “Hector and the Search for Happiness” from 2014). It’s good from time to time to be reminded of it.

It’s funny, but I think we take more care of body health than mental health. I’ve at least done it that way out of ignorance. In fact, it’s not even rightly seen that we take care of our mental health. I remember being asked in a job interview if I received psychological support, such as whether it was a bad or an indicator of a functional disability or skills. The truth is, I’ve never been there, but I’m sure we all need one.

Let us not forget how our health affects the way we deal with challenges and difficulties in life, and let us not forget that we must develop healthy mental habits. Again, I only share my experiences, just in case someone else didn’t know why stress is bad.

On the one hand, one day I was struck by a doctor saying in a talk, that it is better to study healthy workers, to be able to determine the aspects that influence it, but I was more struck by the fact that he said that we caused stress on others, and in work as well, so we should realize and improve the method with which we communicate and relate with our colleagues. It’s obvious, but it opened my eyes, because I didn’t have it internalized. I still have a hard time thinking about it before I act or talk.

On the other hand, a colleague shared a radio interview with psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé (interviewed by a madness called Cristina – she doesn’t say the surname). And after listening to it several times, I learned what I should and shouldn’t do, and decided to summarize and share it with friends. I share the summary of the interview below.


  • The way we decide to respond to problems influences the outcome
  • Attitude before any circumstance determines how I respond to it
  • Happiness is how you interpret what happens to you, it depends on your view of reality, your mood
  • All emotions are preceded by a thought
  • Emotions activate and deactivate our cells, our bloodstream and even genes
  • Emotions activate neuro discharges, small substances that go to cells, and activate or deactivate membranes
  • The result may be that we have “happy” cells or “sad” cells, “resentful” cells or “rabid” cells, and that influences diseases
  • There is a substance of the body called cortisol, a cyclic hormone fundamental to survival, because without it we would not be here
  • In the face of threat, alertness, or fear, we activate cortisol
  • The level of cortisol at night is low, and throughout the night it rises, and has the highest peak in the morning when it makes you wake up and be active
  • A person who is constantly facing a threat (and if that, and if that…), then the body secretes cortisol, and segregates it equally when it happens to you like when you imagine it
  • My mind and body do not distinguish what is real from what is imaginary, and it has the same impact on the body
  • Cortisol is also positive as cortisone, because it is a very potent anti-inflammatory
  • When I live constantly on alert (and also counts to be alert all the time by notifications on mobile), with a threat or with fear, then the level of cortisol does not drop, and becomes an inflammator, removing all the defenses of the body, affecting the memory, affecting concentration and sleep
  • If the cortisol level is not low at night we do not get a good sleep, and the whole organism is intoxicated
  • Many depressions come from permanent warning states, and many psychiatrists believe they are inflammatory brain diseases (for this DO NOT use Ibuprofen)

WHAT SHOULD WE DO? (almost every day)

  • Exercise, because exercise eliminates cortisol
  • Educate thoughts: educate the inner voice so that it doesn’t make us self-boycott
  • Disconnecting more often from electronic devices, and looking for other stimuli that are rewarding (it will take us about 3 days, but “getting into airplane mode” gives us self-mastery)
  • To be assertive: to be able to respond to what happens to me without being aggressive. I must express it, because “if I swallow it” the cells get sick (but this does not mean expressing for example; “how horrific your jacket is”)
  • You have to let the brain disconnect, relax, and connect with its inner world, because it transforms the brain and heals (e.g. reading a book and listening to classical music, walking in the countryside, an interesting conversation, a little wine with friends, etc).). And all this without thinking about work, without looking at the time to get home, and without phones or devices.
  • Don’t obsess about taking advantage of time (if we have chronopathy or illness of time), because it’s a risk factor for being inflamed, and could lead to a panic attack or a heart attack. You have to learn to slow down.
  • If you are taking anti-depressants or anxiolytics, then include omega3 in your diet, because it has been shown to be a powerful brain anti-inflammatory that improves mood

By the way, omega3; “They can be found in foods such as fish, fish oils, milk and seaweedgrown.”, and depends on what it is taken, the CDR intake can be between 250 milligrams and 4 grams (Source Ministry of Health .-

But the best tips to take care of our mental health will be given to us by a collegiate specialist, in the following link;

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!