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Poor Shark

Poem by Noé Suárez Pérez, ten years old, based on the original poem; “The Tyger”, by William Blake. And based on the remake of it; “Blake´s Tyger Revisited”, by Janine Booth.

This poem is about the animals which spend their lives in jail, with the only purpose of human entertainment.

Shark!,Shark!, being a slave,
in a water tank twice your length,
doing shows for the people,
eating trash very sad.

Shark!, Shark!, feeling bad,
before he swam through open sea,
a long slow show, a longer night,
now he is bored, now he snores.

Shark!, Shark!, poor shark,
once he was the boss of oceans,
he had the power of king Neptune,
but now he is miserable in a cage.

Please remember that animals are living creatures, just like you and me.

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