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Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

When you use this web (ShopCanarias.es), it implies that you accept expressly the following general conditions:

The user declares to be an adult (18 years old, or 21 years old depending on your country and state), and declare that has the required legal capacity to buy the products and services offered by ShopCanarias.es.

The user accepts the Spanish legislation to be applied to the service of this web. ShopCanarias.es reserves the right to consider and make the timely changes needed on the established terms and conditions.

The links to other websites that may be shown on ShopCanarias.es´s pages, are merely informative for the user, and thus, ShopCanarias.es is not responsible for the products, services, or content that may be offered or supplied by the landing pages and websites of different domains.

Shipment Conditions

Shippings will be handled by the company named Correos y Telégrafos, except when the user requests another company. Our goals are to guarantee the quality of the shipping services, and to lower shipping fees. We´ll keep looking for a service provider willing to adapt to the customer´s different needs (click and collect, job delivery, pickup lockers, delivery time frames adapted to the customer, weekend delivery, etc.).

We send an e-mail to the customer with a shipping locator code, in order to be informed of the traceability of the customer´s order. Default home delivery will take place, or you could go to pick up the package at the post office, except when the customer requested antoher service provider. And the delivery time frames will correspond to the service provider chosen.

For those product providers without online stock information, and after the order is placed, if there is not enough stock or if they are out of stock, then we will talk with the product provider the next business day, and afterwards we will inform the customer of the new delivery date, or we will give the customer a new alternative.

The total and final prices include full coverage insurance, shipping fees, taxes, and customs charges.

Reimbursement Conditions

If you belong to an European Union country, then you may take back a product bought at ShopCanarias.es, previously sending an e-mail to us requesting it and with information of the reasons to; info@shopcanarias.es , and within the 14 days period from the time of the delivery date.

If the take back´s reason is due to a broken product´s packaging, then you may reject the delivery, requesting to the delivery provider to register the non delivery beacuse of a broken package.

If the product is in bad conditions, or there is an error on the delivery, then the European Union customers have a 14 days period from the time of the delivery date, to take back the product. In this case, ShopCanarias.es will bear the costs of return, and the customer shall decide if he or she wants us to send a new product again (and we also would bear the new shipping costs), or on the contrary prefers the money refund by the same payment method in which the customer have paid.

ShopCanarias.es reserves the right to cancel an order and to make the money refund in the cases such as; out of stock, impossibility of shipping, discontinued products, or for whatever reason the company considers necessary (for example dockworkers strikes).

In the case of European Union customers who want to take back the product for any other reason, different to the mentioned ones, and always within the 14 days period from the time of the delivery date, then the customer will bear the costs of return. Take backs must be done with the original packaging, and in perfect conditions.

The European Union´s law facilitates the customers to exercise the right of withdrawal to test the product, and in the case of dissatisfaction, to return the product within the 14 days period from the time of the delivery date, except for customized products and hygiene products. The European Union´s warranty law also facilitates the customers to exercise the right of repair or replacement of defective products (for consumer goods intended for private consumption).

If you don´t belong to an European Union country, then please send an e-mail to us as soon as possible requesting a return, and with information of the reasons, to the e-mail address; info@shopcanarias.es. We will try to give you the same solutions as if you belong to European Union countries, but we cannot guarantee it (may be due to governmental regulations).

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