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Canary Islands Gofio

A sample of Canary Islands Gofio with a corsage of coriander behind
A sample of Canary Islands´s Gofio made with wheat and corn, with a corsage of coriander behind, with wich we make Canary Islands´s Mojo Verde (green sauce)

What is Gofio

Gofio are ground and roasted cereals; wheat, corn (millo), and these ones mixed also with chickpeas, barley, oats, rye, etc. More than 6 million pounds of Gofio are produced every year, and it is consumed in more than 80% of Canary Islands´s homes. As a matter of fact, its consumption dates back centuries, to the Canarian aborigines. But it is also consumed in countries such as; Germany, Japan, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Uruguay. And in other areas such as; Miami, Cape Verde, and Occidental Sahara.

By default salt is added to Gofio, but it is also sold without salt, and special for diets, what makes it a product for all audiences. You can mix it with whatever you want (usually with milk, bananas, water, etc.). Even formerly it was mixed with wine (ralera). And it is sold in various weight formats; 17 ounces, 8.8 ounces, monodose packs, etc.

Here in the Canary Islands we consume it on a daily basis. At breakfast; with milk, or as a slice of a sweet kneaded Gofio. At lunch; with a vegetable potage, “escaldón” (adding lots of Gofio to a vegetable soup until it gets too dense), or as a slice of kneaded Gofio with water and salt. At snack time with bananas, or with figs. And at dinner or supper, I at least sprinkle a little bit of Gofio on the yogurt or on the vegetable potage, specially when I´m hungry. “Para gustos hay colores” (a Spanish saying which means that there are as many personal preferences as colors exists).

If you want to read and watch a video of how to make a sweet kneaded Gofio recipe, then click on the link at the end of this post.

It is usually a complement to typical Canarian foods, for example with “papas arrugadas” (“wrinkled” potatoes stewed with water and coarse salt), with “mojo verde” (green sauce with coriander), with “mojo rojo picón” (red hot sauce with hot peppers), and with “pescado salado” (it is made with fish preserved in salt, which is desalted for days, before being stewed with other ingredients).

Still life made by ShopCanarias.es with Gofio, Papas, pineapple, dehydrated figs, and Mojo Verde
Still life made by ShopCanarias.es with; Gofio, “Papas”, Canary Islands´s tropical pineapple, dehydrated figs, and “Mojo Verde”

Advantages of the Canary Islands´s Gofio

Canary Islands´s Gofio got on year 2014 the official record as a designation of origin of Europe (also named IGP or Protected Geographical Indication).

Furthermore, Gofio is a very nutritious food;

• It´s healthy because it only contains cereals (and salt, if it is preferred that way)
• It has high nutritional value, because it contains all the grain´s parts (endoesperm, germ and bran)
• It has high mineral content
• It hasn´t more than 370 Kcal / 3.5 ounces
• It has low fat content (5% max.)
• It has low saccharose content (usually lower than 1%)
• It has high quality energy (frequently it has a 79% of starch)
• It has proteins (min. 7%)
• It has vegetable fiber content (min. 1,5%)
• And it has 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins; B3, and D.

Next you will see a couple of links to some of the studies carried out on Gofio;

  • https://www.internationaljournalofcardiology.com/article/S0167-5273(15)00605-1/abstract
  • http://scielo.isciii.es/pdf/nh/v29n3/31originalotros02.pdf

So, What are you waiting to eat some Gofio?

Thank you for visiting and see you soon!

Canary Islands Sweet Gofio´s Recipe

Steps and video of how to make sweet Gofio ball or lump

Sweet Gofio ball or lump made by ShopCanarias.es
Sweet Gofio ball or lump made by ShopCanarias.es

I summarize in another article the advantages of Canary Islands´s Gofio, which is made with toasted and ground cereals (if you want to know more then click on the link at the end of this post). But now I will share with you how I like to make kneaded Gofio, also named Gofio ball o Gofio lump. Below you can see the ingredients which you need, and the steps to follow. And you may also see the following video of our YouTube channel.

video of how to make sweet Gofio ball or lump

We need the following INGREDIENTS ;

  • 2 table spoons of organic raisins,
  • Enough organic milk to cover the raisins, which I usually let soak in milk overnight,
  • 2 table spoons of organic peeled almonds cut in pieces,
  • 3 organic bananas from the Canary Islands, which we are going to smash,
  • 2 table spoons of organic honey,
  • and organic gofio from the Canary Islands, made with corn and wheat in this case.

STEP by step ;

1º- mix all the ingredients except the gofio, afterwards add the gofio slowly,

2º- keep adding gofio and mixing until it is too dense, then knead while adding gofio,

3º- and finally use your fists to knead until the dough doesn´t stick neither to your hands nor to the bowl.

4º- Give it the shape desired, round or like a bread loaf, and sprinkle more gofio around it.

Ready to eat for breakfast, o for lunch with a cup of Canary Islands wine, Enjoy it!

Thank you for visiting, and see you soon !

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