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Stopping for a moment when working at home, to do something with the family, especially with children, is fun and also improves your productivity when you get back to work. If working at home already had multiple advantages, being with the family makes it even better. It is the positive part of lockdown, even if this type of coexistence is more difficult (sharing resources, respecting the little space and time of each, etc.).

So how do we work from home in ShopCanarias.es? , well, making work more flexible and interspersing work with attention to the family, and with household chores.

Crafts are a good option to feed the imagination, and if we recycle, then great!. Enjoy creating the characters you want.

Crafts with ShopCanarias.es

2 packs yogurt

1 carton (inside)

1 cord

1 pom-pom

And paint!

You can also have fun changing the use of other elements to make crafts, such as making fun shapes with these balls with spikes to adhere to each other. Do you want to decorate your shoes?.

Fun in ShopCanarias.es
Fun in ShopCanarias.es

Another alternative is to invent characters and games with the toys you already have.

You can have fun and disconnect with building games, which motivate and incentivize imagination, creativity, and teamwork, as in the following video from our YouTube channel;

And if you want to do other things as a family, then try making recipes, and try planting seeds for you to eat healthier foods;

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

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