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Recycling and reducing emissions

Tetrabrick compressed singing view by ShopCanarias.es
Tetrabrick compressed by ShopCanarias.es

There are many ways to recycle, and there are also many ways to reduce harmful emissions to the environment. Of all the ideas I have read and seen for years, I interpret that success is assured when we make the change, however small, such as covering the cauldron when we cook.

For my part I recycle as much as I can; plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, oil after cooking, oil that drains from canning, batteries, appliances, some aeorosol that is still out there, thermometers, drinking pipes, etc. Even if it’s a small piece of debris or a tiny wrapper, I also recycle it.

I also break down some packaging containing more than one material, to properly recycle as much as possible. For example, I break the coffee capsules to remove the coffee, so that I can recycle the plastic. Another example is that I break the cardboard boxes of table handkerchiefs to remove the plastic where the handkerchiefs come out, and so I recycle that plastic plus the cardboard box. Another is that I cut the metal bottom of some cardboard packaging, etc.

Tetrabricks tower compressed by ShopCanarias.es
Tetrabricks tower compressed by ShopCanarias.es

I try to buy in bulk, or unpacked products, but I don’t always get it. And unfortunately, I don’t have room to “compost,” and recycle organic. By maintaining an ecological diet I contribute to the lower consumption of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc. And by not consuming meat, I contribute to the lower consumption of animal antibiotics, the lower consumption of natural resources, etc.

I also try to buy aluminum-free hygiene products, and less aggressive cleaning products (because many show the text “Organic”, but don’t specify how they do it).

One idea that occurred to me when I started reading about the carbon footprint of companies, and that had to do with my experience in the Logistics department, where we compressed the cardboard and plastic packaging after the replenishment, is also to compress the space between packaging at home. The less space between packaging, the more capacity the recycling container will have, the fewer paths the authorized waste manager will make, and the less harmful gases the truck will emit. As a result, we can reduce our carbon footprint with our daily recycling habits.

In distribution jobs we cut and folded the cardboard before compressing it, so at home it occurred to me to also compress the tetrabrick and stack them on top of each other. In this way, more packaging can fit in the container.

Tetrabrick compressed by ShopCanarias.es
Tetrabrick compressed by ShopCanarias.es

Remove the lid, fold out the lashes that the tetrabrick has on the top and bottom, compress the packaging so that all the air comes out, and put the lid on quickly. You can do the same with plastic water bottles.

You can also take advantage of the inside of a yogurt packaging, to compress inside the plastic of cereals for example. You can put small glass jars, into other larger ones, etc.

If you have more ideas to recycle and to reduce emissions, other than buying an electric car ?, please contact us and we will publish them.

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

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