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Calima (haze) are very small particles of suspended dust, and in the Canary Islands, it is sometimes caused once or twice a year (during spring and/or summer time), due to alms and clays that come with winds coming from Africa towards the south and southeast.

The Teide with calima
Photo taken by ShopCanarias.es. The Teide with calima.

But don’t worry, it only lasts a couple of days, or disappears sooner if it rains. But if you have asthma, then you should be alert to your symptoms.

The Teide as the calima disappears
Photo taken by ShopCanarias.es. View of the Teide, from the north of Tenerife, when the calima disappears.

Don’t forget to hydrate frequently, wear a hat and sunglasses, and put on sunscreen from time to time. And try to avoid full sun exposure between noon and 6pm, especially if you’re traveling with children. It would also be helpful to bring an umbrella in the car.

Views of El Teide
Photo taken by ShopCanarias.es. Views of El Teide.

And sometimes, when the calima disappears, the sky of the Canary Islands gets clear, and you can see the silhouettes of the rest of the islands.

Silhouette of the island of La Palma seen from Tenerife
Photo taken by ShopCanarias.es. Silhouette of the island of La Palma seen from Tenerife

For more information on the weather that we have right now in the Canary Islands, then click the following link, and hover over an area of an island to know; temperature, wind, humidity, etc.;

And to know the weather´s prediction in the Canary Islands up to six days ahead, then click the following link, and select the parameter which you want in the blue selectors on the left of the map;

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