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We all have the right to surf the internet

From the beginning of this website, I tried to make it accessible to everyone, but to my unpleasant surprise it is not so easy. On the one hand, I have not found software that adapts to several disabilities at once, and on the other hand, I have not obtained help to adapt the web to both visual and auditory disabilities, even asking one of the organizations most involved in Spain in the integration of all groups in society.

Besides, I do not understand how it is not mandatory by law, the fact that all websites are adapted at least to visual impairment. I also regret that internet service is not free and accessible to everyone. This continues to create inequalities in today’s society.

On this website you can use software to make it a little more accessible to visual, auditory, impairment. Here’s how to do it, although the web listening part doesn’t work on mobile.

To better see the web

On the one hand, you have two icons on the left of your screen. One circular black and white to change the contrast color, and another with the letter T in lowercase and uppercase to increase the font size, as shown in the following screenshots. You can use both functions at once.

Contrast icons and font size
Contrast color change icon
Icon change font size

To listen to the web

On the other hand, even if it only works on the PC, you can listen to the content of this website, first highlighting the content you want to hear, and then clicking on the speaker icon, as shown in the screenshot below;

Icon to listen to the content after underlining it

If you know other ways to make this website more accessible, please write in the comments, or please send an email to info@shopcanarias.es. Thank you very much in advance.

Other options for listening to the internet

And I’m sure you already know, but just in case I leave a couple of visual impairment help links:

To access YouTube content;

To listen to the internet with nvaccess screen reader

On mobiles; settings/accessibility/tallback

On iPads; settings/accessibility/voiceover

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

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