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HP Portable Keyboard Doesn’t Work Since I Installed Windows 10

Why do we write this article?

Because it happened to us in one of our terminals. On Friday the laptop keyboard was working, and on Monday it stopped working. Good thing we were able to do a voice search on Google, and that we came across information to activate the keyboard on the screen (*), which helped us search for information on the internet.

We read information, watched videos, and tried various tricks and tips (for example; Fn + F6 function key, disable filter keys, etc.), but none worked. So we took it to the computer store. Programmed obsolescence?.

After 2 days the computer store called us, and they told us that the keyboard is broken, that the new one takes 15 days to arrive, and that it costs 45 euros. The alternative?, buy a portable keyboard with USB from 6 euros.

(*) Click the home button, then click “Windows Accessibility”, and then “On-Screen Keyboard”. A keyboard will appear on our screen. Finally, you have to click inside of the field where you are going to type, and then with the mouse type the letters on the screen keyboard,

If they are not typed, then put the screen keyboard in front of the page where you want to type, which will be behind it, click back into the field where you want to type, and click on the letters on the screen keyboard.

Solution to activate HP Laptop Keyboard with Windows 10

Convinced that the keyboard was not broken, and trying not to contribute to throwing more electronic garbage into the world, nor to incentivize the unnecessary consumption of electronic products, we looked for information again, but this time testing different combinations of keywords, for example; Windows 10, HP keyboard, HP keyboard and windows 10, etc. until we typed the phrase shown in the title of this post.

Of all the articles we read, we recommend the following, because thanks to this one, running option number 6, we solve the problem:


In short, it’s about updating the laptop’s hidden keyboard driver while connected to the internet, and then restarting your computer. No more, no less.

We hope we’ve saved you some time, and we’re confident it’ll help.

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

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