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Green “mojo” (sauce) from the Canary Islands or “Mojo de Cilantro”


How green sauce or coriander mojo is made from the Canary Islands

Just mix and crush all the ingredients, and test with different amounts of each of the ingredients until you find the taste you like the most.

You can put it on the table to accompany wrinkled potatoes (Canary Island´s potatoes stewed with salt), sweet potatoes, stewed bananas (green Canary Island´s bananas stewed with salt), salted fish, kneaded gofio (with water and salt), ribs, etc. At home we even use it to season other dishes such as brown rice with vegetables, or pout or “sancocho” (vegetable stew with legumes).

I like to make this green sauce with the leaves of a bunch of coriander, one part of wine vinegar for every ten parts of oil, one teaspoon of ground cumin, four garlic cloves, one pinch of sea salt, and another pinch of pepper. I also crush it well, until I see that the sauce has a fine texture.

I confess that sometime for lack of time to clear the bunch, I’ve crushed the coriander with stem included, then strained it, and at the end it is more or less the same.

The minimum ingredients needed are (if organic ones then better for your health);

  • coriander leaves
  • wine vinegar
  • ground cumin
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • garlic cloves
  • sea salt

Below you can see the result;

Green Mojo or Green Coriander sauce with Kneaded Gofio by ShopCanarias.es
Green Mojo or Green Coriander sauce with Sweet Kneaded Gofio by ShopCanarias.es

Enjoy it!. And don’t forget the wine.

Thank you very much for the visit, and see you soon!

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